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Ok, I would like to see what Disney would do with Thumbilina. Yes, I know Don Bluth already beat them to it, but have you seen the Nostalgia Chick's review of it.

Here's how you can do it Disney:
1. Make Thumbilina a poc, make her Indian.
2. She can be interested in science and how things work.
3. She has boatload of energy.
4. She can make mundane objects into things that can help. She and Tinkerbell can be galpals.
5. She is not fainty and willowy, but nose to the grindstone, and just ignores the frog and the beetle who say that she is beautiful or ugly. When she gets to the mole, instead of marriage, it is the chance to learn more and have a greater access to knowledge, but it's knowledge through the filter of the mole, who is claiming that there are no fairies.
6. Thumbilina finds the fairies, they welcome her and tell her she is not a fairy. But the fairy princess makes friends with her, comes with Thumbilina back to her mother's home.
Stone Virgins by Yvonne Vera is ultimately about war. But not the war we think of when there is a clear victor and loser, where people remember with nostalgia as that it brought out the best in them. No, Vera writes about the war that brought out the worst in people, such as Sibaso; where we see the attrocties happen before only the aftermath is left. Vera writes about the aftermath of war that no one really talks about, that for some as they live, they are still in that at war as far as they know now. While many also see Vera as voiding politics in the story, but in away I don't think she is. Vera's politics are that of the human experience, and trying to tell the politics of what happened after the Second Chimurenga, those people that she is talking about in this story would only be lost and it would call for her to take a side. And both sides want to a return to a past that can never comeback. Ultimately, Stone Virgins is about how in order to create new identities and move forward, one has to accept that the past lives with them, but they can not live in the past.

Beware of BOB!

David Lynch has just announced an revival of Twin Peaks!

Here me out on this

I've been watching the last episodes of Doctor Who, and I will take point that I found it weird that the Doctor keeps often making disparraging comments about Clara's looks. Now, I am not deffending it, but for the past couple of seasons, we're had incarnations that are old men in young men's bodies. Think 12 is a teenage boy, who thinks that being disinterested in everything is cool, trapped in the body of an old man. He's saying mean things to Clara's face because he thinks that because their friends he can get away with it.

Also, I think Richard O'Brian should be the 13th Doctor.


-Been watching the Lizzie Bennet Dairies.
-Taking African Women Writers and Medieval Object Ecology for this semester.
-Counting down to the movie Frank.
-Watching the new episodes of Doctor Who. "Into the Dalek" totes solits Capaldi as the Doctor.
-Interning at the YWCA, helping with the Workforce Empowerment (WE) Project. I actually got invited by the Autism Speaks chapter on campus to speak with them. I don't know how to feel about that.

Faith in Humanity Restored

The past two mornings this weekend in a row have renewed my faith in humanity.

Saturday morning, I took park in my 2nd Gay Pride Parade in Downtown Charleston, riding in the YWCA van.

This morning, I was waiting for the bus to try and get to work, and like the Charleston bus system as alway it was late, so I tried to hoof it from the bus stop. Then this yellow cab pulls up and the woman driving asks: "Where you heading?" Told her the movie theater.
"Hop in!" I told her that I didn't have any money. "Rides on me."
I just saw the movie Lucy, and for a movie that was an hour and a half, it was fun and entertaining.

I have to say I liked ScarJo in this and she does a really good job. And in general she does a job and I like her as the Black Widow, but she's never really done anything for me, with her I'm just kind of like okay, but in this I liked her, and her transformation that she goes through in the movie was really good and believable.

There were actually alot of funny and quotable lines from the movie.

I like that the sidekick that the movie gives her in the form of the French detective, is really not even a love interest for her and that he's not the classical good looking that they could have went with for the film.

The only downside I'd have to say is that the movie is more concept and idea heavy than execution. Like I have liked to have seen how Lucy, when she is evolving, interacting with people and how her presence is leaving an effect on them, for the most part better. Also in general, I would have liked to have seen her interacting with more female characters.

But it is an entertaining movie and worth the watch.
Finished reading The Eyre Affair.


Stated watching the Showtime series Penny Dreadful. It is so far pretty awesome. It's all of the actually frightening stuff from Supernatural combined with all of the shlocky porny bits from True Blood mixed with literary references, set in Victorian England. I just hope that they don't end up completely relying on the fact that people get nekid and sexed every episode.

Got my parents hooked on Brooklyn 99.

Saw Snowpeircer on the 4th with my dad. Dear God it was awesome! It's like Hunger Games on a train! Or if they decided to give Hunger Games the R-rating it should have had.

Saw the most recent Adventure Time episode "Little Brother". It's another worldbuilding episode, but different because it introduces the audience to the world inside of the tree house that I don't even think Finn and Jake are aware of. It also deconstructs the Hero's Journey, which is what Adventure Time does really well.

Really enjoying this season of Legend of Korra.

They are now showing the Giver movie trailer at the movie theater I work at. It needs to be killed with fire. Serosly, there are a bunch of things that are wrong with this. 1. It is not done in black and white. 2. The guy they got to play the main character is way too old. 3. Unessisary romance plot. 4. Unnessisary action going on. 5. It spoils the big reveal that the book builds up to.

Finished reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. It is now on my list of books I love so much I never want it made into a movie.


Been reading the Supernatural fanfic The Song Remains the Same by Winter Rivers. Its definatly worth checking out.

I've seen a couple of different movies lately and here is my score of them.
1. X-Men: Days of Future Past, very good
2. Maleficent, really good
3. How to Train Your Dragon 2, awesome
4. Edge of Tomorrow, surprisingly good (plus you get to see Tom Cruise die a million ways.)
5. Godzilla, really good

Finished reading GRR Martin's The Princess and the Queen, which was really interesting that posed alot more questions than answers, in a good way. Martin is also going to putting out a novella about one of the characters introduced in the story, Daeron Targaryen, who someone put him aptly as the Obryn Martell of the Targaryen dynasty, which I will be looking forward to. Also am looking forward to this week's episode.

Gay for Dr. Strange*

Going through tumblr, some threw out the idea of Pedro Pascal, Oberyn Martall (the Red Viper) in Game of Thrones, as Dr. Stephen Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.....I approve!

*It's a play on the reddit thread that is called GayforOberyn, where men can admit annonymously that Oberyn/Pedro Pascal makes them question their sexuality.

Starring Hugh Jackman's butt

At the same time that my first month of my new job at the movie theater has happened at the same time that X-Men: Days of Future Past has come out (which by the way is an awesome movie, go out and see it), with it still theaters, we've been getting a steady stream of these little old Southern belles going to X-Men (they will go to an X-Men movie just for Hugh Jackman) that come out of there just talking about his butt. I kind of find it adorable. The best one would be this old lady saying that she deserved to be in the scene with Wolverine waking up in the 1970's.

Another cult movie under my belt

Watched the movie Dune the other day, which I was saving until I finished reading the book, but with it being 3 hours long, I decided to go ahead get it out of the way. The first quarter was pretty good, minus the narration and the 15 minute painting prologue, I think that is when you can begin to see the fingerprints of the studio on what was originally a David Lynch film. It's towards the middle that I began falling asleep intermittently. And then the last 15 minutes, it seemed like at the end of X-Men: First Class where it was like "we got to hit all of these plot points!" where as everything else was shown and allowed to tell a story with the images, in the final act it was just the narrator telling that things were happening but we didn't get to see them.

Kind of feel that if David Lynch had full control, it would have been spectacular and show the progression of Paul becoming more alien and isolated, due to his growing powers.
I know want to see the documentary that just came out about how the director of El Topo would have made the film.

Rest in Peace, HR Giger, the world is going to be a lot less interesting without you.

Odds and Ends

So, my Trollsona name, taking the first 2 letters from my full name and then the last 2 from my full name, would be Jekegi Ereirt.

Been plotting out a Dragonball fic since I found out that there was a new movie released in Japan a few months ago, and strangely the more I plot it out, the more I am finding elements of ASoIaF creeping in.

I have also come to the conclusion that Goku is asexual. Yeah he's married and has 2 children, but who says asexuals can't.

DBZ Headcanon time

When Trunks is in his late 20's and still hasn't settled down, Bulma shoots Vegeta the question if Trunks might be gay/bi. Afraid Vegeta may have a negative reaction, she's surprised when he tells he doesn't really care and then educates her that in Sayian culture no one gave a shit who they slept with. It's then when Vegeta has nodded off, she calls up Chichi and says: "How your feelings on the idea of our husbands making out actually being pretty hot?"

This is just my way of processing the YaoiBara aspects of Dragonball within the Dragonball world.

Really Sad

I don't have any words to comment on the death of JewWario, but I think this one reviewers entry sums up everything I wish I could say:

It sucks that this is my first blog post. It really does. But, I feel a real need to talk on this. My condolences go out to all of Justin's family and friends. I may never have watched any of his videos, but he was always one of my favorite characters in crossovers. Like everyone says, he seemed like such a happy, upbeat person. The kind of person that makes you feel like it's worth having hope in life. But now, we've found out that it was probably an act, and deep down he was really hurting inside. To find out he's dead was one thing. To hear the rest of it? Wow, just wow. But at this point, the best thing we can do is offer our support to his loved ones, and try to help them carry on. Because if there's one thing I can gather about this guy, it's that he wouldn't want us to grieve unnecessarily. On a website dominated by snarky, cynical characters, his stood out as a sign that said that joy is not a lie, and kindness is not stupid or naive. And that's something he would want us to continue to believe, even now. After all, why else would he have played that role? If we can keep that joy alive, and try to add a little bit of it to everything we do, then everything Justin Carmichael worked on on his show and in his daily life will continue. And that is why we should still, even now, watch JewWario's videos. To remember that while our world may be cynical and dark, there's still light, even in the little places.

Good-bye, JewWario
Okay so I was watching Power Rangers Megaforce, and I am still waiting for the writing to get better. Seriously, as a tangent, at least in the original Power Rangers, because they didn't have access to all the original footage, they had to pad it out with the footage of the teens and that meant that the show had to give reasons why we, the audience, should care about these 20-somethings-pretending to be teenagers. And with the actors they got to play the teens in this show, can't really gage their personalities. Anyways, beginning of the episode, Gosei gave the Rangers the dayoff, and cuts to them playing some XTREME random sport of the day, the camera then pans to Noah, who playing chess with RoboKnight, and you know what, I ship it. Just as much as I ship Gia and Emma, seriously, they have better chemistry then what the writers want to have happen in the show.

Movies I am looking forward to this year

Feb. 7, The Monuments Men
March 7, The Grand Budapest Hotel
March 7, Mr. Peabody & Sherman
March 14, Grace of Monaco
March 21, Divergent
March 28, Noah
April 4, Captain America: Winter Soldier
April 18, Transcendence
May 16, Godzilla
May 23, X-Men: Days of Future Past
May 30, Maleficent
June 13, How to Train You Dragon 2
July 2, Tammy
July 18, Jupiter Ascending
Aug. 1, Guardians of the Galaxy
Aug. 8, Lucy
Aug. 15, The Giver (I am not looking forward to Taylor Swift being in it, but I am going to watch it)
Nov. 21, Mockingjay-Part 1(Called it!)
Dec. 12, Exodus

Disney Prince Quiz results

So, according to Buzzfeed, even though I am Belle, my Disney true love is Naveen from Princess and the Frog. I could see the fusion of those two fairy tales happening, if it had a Lovecraft bent to it.

The Doctor's Phone Number

Last phone call before the New Year, I tried calling the Doctor.

Buzzfeed has a list of all the Easter eggs in Day of the Doctor, one of them is a screen capture of the phone number that was used in the Stolen Earth. Someone captured it, and zoomed in to show the number that the Doctor was calling from.

So I punched it in my phone to see what would happen. And I got an automated response saying that the number was blocked.


He's still traveling in the Vortex, that's why he can't be reached.

The number is 07700900461. If anybody else gets different results, let me know.


Head Canon!

Listening to the Bigger on the Inside podcast yesterday, and I am adopting a theory that, I think it was Mike that postulated this idea, that part of Time Lord society is a rite of passage that the Master went through of looking into the Eye of the Vortex. The theory is that Susan went through the same thing, but couldn't adjust properly and that is why the Doctor took her from Galliafrey and brought her to Earth, a place that he knew she would be safe and try and get back to norman, or as normal a Time Lord can get.


LGBT in 2013

This really needs to be read 100 Reasons to be Proud

Buzzfeed Quiz results

According to Buzzfeed I am Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, and the Sasha Fierce era of Beyonce

Whovians will feel me

There are some days I feel like my stepmother is the reincarnation of Mary Whitehouse.

Speculation for season 3 of Korra

Warning SPOILERS!Collapse ) Just some thoughts.

Legend of Korra season 2

Watched half of season 2 and the season finale of Legend of Korra this afternoon and holy shit was it awesome! And I am soooooo happy that there it got renewed for 2 more seasons. Giant!spirit!Korra kicking Utalaq/Vattu's ass, Jinore being Korra's guide and amazing, Tenzien and his siblings adventures in the spirit world, Bumi showing how awesome we all knew he was, and Iroh just being his awesome Iroh self. //Spoilers// if you do not not want to be spoiled at this one minor little detail I am going to talk about, skip ahead. I also looked it up on TV Tropes when Tenzien, Bumi, and Kya run into Zhao, they actually did get Jason Isaacs to come up and do the madness mantra that Zhao does. And I know that they probibly did that just as call back to previous series and a way to explain what the mist does, but I'm just wondering if that is going to lead to something since the result of big battle is that Korra decides not to close the opening to the gate to spirit realm, and both inhabitants of the worlds can come and go as they please, what's going to happen to the spirits in the mists. Okay, spoilers are over///.

Here are some of my hopes for season 3:
1. We get to see some flashbacks of the Airbending family before the series started.
2. More Lin. They have already confirmed it.
3. Spirit/human relations/schananagans
4. Bolin/Korra. I really think they have better chemistry than Korra did with Mako.
5. Varrak's presence leads to something awful.
6. Flashbacks of Bumi's time with the United Forces. Seriously, Bumi needs his own series, or mini-series, or comic book series at least.
7. We should finally get to see Zuko and his family.
8. What the fuck happened to Azula after the Search comic. Or else it's going to be fanon official that she is the head priestess of the Fire temple that found Korra after she lost her memories.

Superfamily: The Talk

For the most part, Lois and Clark agreed that Laura should grow up with what could come close to a normal childhood, barring when Daddy couldn't make it to important events, or when Mommy ended up in all sorts of life threatening dangers, and just living in the city if Metropolis. But when Laura was old enough, Clark sat down with her and explain Laura's powers and her Kryptonian heritage.

"Laura," Clark began. "Right now you are going to be experencing things that I don't think you mother will be able to explain to you. It means that you are changing and sometimes that can be a good thing or bad thing. But that doesn't mean it's going to change who you are or how much you mother and I love, you will always be our little girl. What these changes mean is that you are growing up and it means that you are going to be able to become the amazing person I always knew you would be. Laura, I wasn't originally born on Earth, but I came to Earth as child, grew up, and I met your mother, and you were born. You are half Kryptonian."

Clark was expecting various responses from Laura at this revelation:
"Does this mean that when Toby pulls my hair in class, it means he likes me?"
"Is that why I can throw a rock half way across the city?"
"Is that why I get sick every time I go into a Marie Claire store and get sick around things with jade?"

But the response he got was:
"Does this mean you are still going to teach me how to drive?"

She is the One!

Sailor Moon!

For many (oh you know who you are) the Soldier of Love and Justice was one of the first animes that came upon this and became the gateway drug into the genre. The reason why I want to talk about this milestone in both manga and anime is because it seems to be going through a resurgance lately, and would just just like to get my two cents in before the other big waves of posts talking about.

I began watching Sailor Moon in middle school. I wasn't the best dub (and lets face it, alot of us didn't know any better), the plot was pretty simplistic enough that even though I started watching towards the end of the first season, I could pick up what it was about. And it entertained me. I didn't start reading the manga until I had just started high school, that's seems about right, cause the manga was just coming out in local bookstores and Sailor Moon R was just beginning to air. Again season R was entertain when it began, but I think I could miss several episodes and pick up watching it again knowing nothing really dramatic happened.

While that was going on, I was reading the first volumes of the manga, which was way more kick-ass. No seriously, go check it out, cause people die, they go into more detail about the Silver Millennium, they explain more about why the Silver Millennium Crystal is so fucking important, the arcade is the Scouts secret club house, Evil!Mamoru temporarily brainwashes and puts some moves on Motoki, its so awesome. If you can't read the reprints that are being put out right now, someone put up scans and summaries on Scans_Daily.

Anyways, back to the anime, it's with the end of the first half of the R season that it then begins to pick up, with the introduction of (love her or hate her) Chibi-Usa, or as the dub renamed her Renee. Now this is coming from somebody who was all for "pair Usagi with someone else so the brat gets erased from time", despite that fact that she was pretty annoying at first (well, let's not hold back, most of the series) in hindsight, especially with her back story, and who parents are (let's not even beat around the bush, she is Usagi and Mamoru's kid from the future, I think it's pretty obvious, I'm betting Naoko was not planning on throwing the readers any curve balls), her character arc does make sense, from a bratty little child that doesn't want to be a child anymore, to a scared kid in a place she doesn't know, to a Dark Messiah, to Sailor Scout, to a ritualistic sacrifice, to a pretty well adjusted person who will day take up where her parents left.

Ladies and gentlemen, season R is what cemented Sailor Moon place for all otakus. And the series went on from there, until the American lisensing company saw the screen caps of the final season of Sailor Moon (seriously, you can look 'em up and you'll see) and said: We can't show that here in the States. And let's not forget about changing Haruka and Michiru from lovers to cousins, 'cause insest is better than being gay here in 'Merica!

There's alot of criticism leveled at the series because of the bad dubbing, massive edits, and also the "Sailor Moon Says" messages at the end of the every episode during the first season here in the States. And that is understandable, the industry was in it's infantsy and didn't know what to do and what not to. Hell, during the 90's, KidsWB and FOXKids heavily edited the shows Cardcaptor Sakura and Vision of Escaflowne to make it kid friendly and gear it towards boys. I think the boys would have like them better if you didn't try to playcate them, KIDS ARE SMARTER THAN THEY LOOK DEMOGRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!111111111

But one of the major criticisms at the show is the character of Usagi, many girls looking back saying they couldn't relate to her. A girl like to eat, sleep, play video games, not the best student, and wants no responsibility. I'd like to argue that for many of these girls part of them did relate to her. Usagi is the typical Japanese teenage girl and at the basic level is what a teenage is like at this age: eat, sleep, have fun, and avoid responsibility. And teenagers being selfish is pretty much a given. Once you get into your 20's and look back, you'll be like: yeah, I was pretty bad. But also the thing about Usagi is how much she values her friends (yeah, Naru pretty much fall off the face of the Earth after Season R), she will never give up, embodies hope, as well as that when things are really looking grim she will not stop until she is dead (and that's happened a couple of times). Also, in the manga, she matures much better than she does in the anime. And in addition, although Usagi is the main character, they are still the other Scouts, and it MY Little Pony has taught us anything, the Scouts represent all the different ways of being a girl.

What I also noticed, about 5 years, is people just trying to distance themselves from it. They would admit that it was one of the shows that got them into anime, but write it off as pretty infantile. If not for shows like Sailor Moon, we wouldn't be interested in stuff like Uenta, Magika Madoka, Fushigi Yugi, CLAMP, and many other things that on the surface are what I like to call Mindless Pink (others like to call it the Shojo Ghetto), but actually have more depth.

So for the last (looks at a calander) maybe almost 10, we've had to make do with fanfiction and such. And for our friends in the Land of the Rising Sun, they got live action TV and musical adaptations (Wow, all Disney gave us was Beauty and Beast and the Lion King, and whatever other proporties that they don't know what to do with). Go check out Four King Hell, it is awesome. And finally, the planets have alined, and God has heard our pleas. A new Sailor Moon anime airing in 2013!

I end this post saying it is an amazing time to be a fangirl.


You know I was never really a fan Captain Planet, it was the only thing that was on just before the bus would come to take me to pre-school, and looking back, I was always kind of miffed that they didn't give Kqami or Gi alot of screen time like they did for the others, But if someone were to do something like this, I would totally be sitting in the theater for it.

And speaking for sitting in movie theaters for something, there has been industry news that there is going to a Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, and it's going to star Ken Watanabe in Eastwood's role.

Less than two weeks till classes start

Lately I've been reading alot of webcomics in the spare time that I've got left.
I am all caught up on Namesake, seriously check it out, it's like Fables, set in Canada, meets Warehouse 13. And I have starting reading Homestuck. I will be saying good bye to what I have left of my rational...that if I had any to begin with.

Also this:

This is what I wish would be happening right now in Avengers, instead of the whole Avengers VS XMen event that is going on right now. Notthiscrap is genius.

I'm the Avatar! Deal with it!

I was able to watch the last two episodes of Legend of Korra, and it was pretty awesome. I thought it was kind of Dues Ex Mechina how Korra gets the rest of her bending abiliities, but putting it into a the context of the Hero's Spiritual Journey, then it does make sense that when she hits her low and realizes that she is just like everyone else, that is when she is finally able to finally become spiritual and unlock the Avatar state. So, in some respects, it makes sense. I also liked how they tied up the Amon storyline and resolved it as well, it make absolute sense and fit as well dramatically. Because of this, I can't wait for the second season now, cause at SDCC they announced some of the things that are goimg to happen in season 2. Things like: a plot centering around the North and South Water Tribes, Mako joining the police, more screen time for Tienzen's sibling, seeing more of Korra's parents, and the return of the Spirit Realm. All is right with the world!

MMPR Headcanon #1

Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger, because she her zord was the Ptaradyktal (I don't know if I spelled that right) was the ace pilot of the group. In the first couple of episodes, she's still learning how to pilot it, which would also factor into her freaking out on her uncle's plane, because she's still learning; it would also be a confidence builder for her. I also like to imagine her watching Top Gun for references. The first time she's sqweeing over Tom Cruise, the next time she's pointing out all the things they are doing wrong, and finally she is watching it for the Ho Yay.

Dude looks like a lady

Well, my family and I have finally realized that Stella is infact a male. So we've renamed him Astrid.


What do you get when an unfrozen war hero, a guy with a tricked out suit, a God from Norse mythology, an angry green giant, a master spy, a world class archer, and the creator of the some of the best know shows that geeks watch all together? You get the Avengers movie!

Avengers Assemble!Collapse )

In other news:
1. I've been catching up and watching Legend of Korra, and it is epic! I'm putting Korra on my list of characters that confirm my sexuality.
2. I've also started watching Adventure Time and I like it honestly. My favorite reoccorring character is Lady Rainacorn.
3. My family just got a new kitten. We named her Stella Dragon.
4. With Marvel's recent announcement of Northstar's wedding and Hulking and Wiccan's engagement, DC has made a bid for the diversity spotlight by reintroducing Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern, as gay. Now I am not against it and I read the James Robinson interview explaining why editorial did that, but I just feel that DC already has several non-hertronormal characters in their gallery, that I am kind of annoyed that they don't take the time and energy to work with what they already have. But, as my stepmom said, they probably just want to ruffle a few feathers, well they got it with the Million Moms.
5. Rejoice, Toonami has returned!

20 Things You Didn't Know About Saito

Title: 20 Things You Did Not Know About Saito
Rating: PG
Pairing: Saito/OFC
Words: 538
Disclaimer: I do not own Inception, that honor belongs to Christopher Nolan. This was written before the online release of the comic "The Big Under", so that is that is the reason for the OFC's existence instead of Sonia's, also was originally posted on inceptionfic.

20 Things You Did Not Know About SaitoCollapse )

I'm barely alive!

I really need new job. McDonald's just leaves me physically and mentally exhausted.

My Mistress's Sparrow [Sophie Stern, 6/7]

Title: My Mistress's Sparrow
Characters/Pairing: Saito/OFC
Rating: R
Word Count: 2200, yeah I pulled out the stops for this one.
Summary: From Round 5 of inception_kink, a short history of Saito's mistresses.
Disclaimer: I do not own Inception, that honor belongs to Christopher Nolan.
Notes: I had kinda planned and thought out in my mind what Saito's mistress was like before The Big Under script was released, but I decided to go ahead and this is kinda set in my own fanon of the Inceptionverse. So enjoy and comments are love.

Kurirugi Hitome
Ikari Kana
Fukui Suki
Elliot Throne
Suzuhara Megumi

Sophie SternCollapse )

20 Things You Did Not Know About Arthur

Title: 20 Things You Did Not Know About Arthur
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Slight Arthur/Ariadne towards the end
Words: 379
Notes: I don't own Inception, that honor belongs to the brilliant Christopher Nolan, I'm just playing in his sandbox. Also this was written before it was Jossed that Arthur does did have a military history. Originally posted at inceptionfic.

20 Things You Did Not Know About Arthur Collapse )
Title: My Mistress's Sparrow
Characters/Pairing: Saito/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 749
Warnings: Character death
Summary: From Round 5 of inception_kink, a short history of Saito's mistresses.
Disclaimer: I do not own Inception, that honor belongs to Christopher Nolan.

Kurirugi Hitome
Ikari Kana
Fukui Suki
Elliot Throne

Suzuhara MegumiCollapse )

20 Things You Did Not Know About Cobb

Title: 20 Things You Did Not Know About Cobb
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 416
Notes: This is just something a whipped up yesterday at work, kinda prepping myself for a bigger Inception I'm planning on writing sometime soon. Anywho, I don't own Inception, that right belongs to Christopher Nolan, who is one of the most brilliant people on the Earth, and I'm just playing in the sand box. Originally posted at inceptionfic.
Warning: Some spoilers to how the movie ends, or just how I thought it ended. Also credit to one of the Cobb's over at incept_dressing for Facts 1, 4, 8, and 10.

20 Things You Did Not Know About CobbCollapse )

20 Things You Did Not Know About Ariadne

Title: 20 Things You Did Not Know About Ariadne
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: slight Arthur/Ariadne
Word: 480
Disclaimer: I do not own Inception, that honor belongs to Christopher Nolan. Originally posted on inceptionfic.

20 Things You Didn't Know About AriadneCollapse )

Still alive

Wow, it's 10 am and I am just exhausted, probably has to do with the fact that I've been watching Gunnar, the majority of the morning today, while Danielle is at a meeting, and Gunnar had a crying fit before he zonked out.

But I had a really awesome day, yesterday. So, Danielle and I didn't go to the 12 Step conference that was being held here in Charleston, so we did the next best thing, we went and got pedicures (I'm now sport Candy Apple Green colored toenails). After that was then went and saw Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and by God was it awesome (srsly, my fellow nerds, go and see it) and Danielle loved it as well. After the movie, we then came home, had dinner with Dad and watched the Fountainhead. I know it's classic, but it is an unintenionally a hilarious movie, even my parents were MST3King it, and I was entertained by it in that form, until the trial scene when Gary Cooper becomes the mouth piece for Ayn Rand's Objectivist Manifesto.

Recently finished the 20 Things series for the characters of Inception, I just need to bundle them up, currently working on a pompt for inception_kink, which is a history of Saito's mistresses, and also working on the outlines for my long fic "My Dreams Lay at Your Feet."

Also found a person that I can share a room with at Dragon*Con.

20 Things You Did Not Know About Yusef

Title: 20 Things You Did Not Know About Yosef
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yosef/OFC
Words: 451
Disclaimer: I do not own Inception, that honor belongs to Christopher Nolan.
Notes: This was the hardest one to write, so may be a bit OOC, but if so, comments and critism are much appreciated.

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Reserection via Inception fanfiction

No I'm not dead. But sadly, my computer, Astrid, who had been faithful to me since I was only 15, sojourned to that undiscovered country, in June of this year. So that's why I have been absent, to which I apologize. But in recent news, I saw Inception (well last week was the first time I saw it, and I watched it for the second time this afternoon), and by God it amazing, but those of you who have already seen it already know this, because you've seen (or maybe not). I'm totally now a Ken Watanabi fangirl because of this movie, I even stayed up Friday night to watch Letters From Iwo Jima.

I've also just finished a fic set within the Inception verse.

Title: The world to get rid of that carpet!
Rating: R (it's not explicit, but there should be enough detail to give you the idea)
Betaed: felinaofl2
Pairing: Saito/OFC
Words: 632
Notes: My first Inception fanfic. All rights go to the brilliant Christopher Nolan. This all stems from my fangirl!writer brain as to what kind of person Saito's mistress might be, so I kinda own her.
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It's that time of the year again

Hi there everyone! Lots been happening this week, bought some comics, and I read and review them (put the reviews up on here on a Wednesday), and my parents and I went to see Brandi Carlile in concert at the Music Farm. And it was awesome, the crowning music of awesome was when she and her band played a set for The Story and everyone in the place, including myself, said along with it. Also one of the songs, I think it's "Whatever Happen to My Dreams", gave me an idea for a story, dream detectives who are rapidly starting to lose their ability to tell the difference between dreams and reality.

It's that time of the year again! The time of the year when all of the Twilight fans begin to come out of the woodwork and we lovers of actual literature are assumed to fans of it by bookstore employees when we check out with our purchase of a copy of Dracula.So today, read this post as a "PSA" of sort to all of those impressionable Twilight fans out, that it 's good that this series has sparked your interest in vampires, but this is just to let you know that Edward Cullen is not the ultimate vampire, he comes from a long (and possibly delueded) line of iconic vampires. So with out further ado, I present the Top 11 Vampires that are Cooler than Edward Cullen and Could Kick his Ass.

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